Chemicals & Liquids

Strengthen customer relationships with remote monitoring of liquid levels for all fixed tanks, and mobile containers such as drums, IBCs and Variboxes.

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Water & Waste Water

Remote monitoring and registration of overflows, sewers, rainwater buffers, surface water levels, temporary drinking water and sanitation facilities.

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Fuels, oils and lubricants

Optimize logistics with remote level monitoring of your customer's inventory, in all types of metal tanks, plastic tanks and containers.

Equip your tanks with radar

Level sensing made simple!

At Staal Instruments our mission is to offer the world's easiest and most reliable level measurement solution to our customers. Radar made simple! Our Cloud Level Radar is installed in a minute and remotely configurable through the StaalCloud platform. The radars can be used on both plastic and metal tanks, but also on reservoirs, open water and sewer systems.

Get started with your radar sensor in 3 steps

Don't worry, you don't have to be a radar specialist. We got your back. Staal offers customer support in every phase.
Select radar level sensor

Choose radar devices with the right adapters and accessories to suit your application. Contact our sales engineer if you need any help!

Customer onboarding

For new customers Staal Instruments offers an on-line onboarding session. Our support engineer will walk you through the StaalCloud platform and radar basics.

Installation & maintenance

During installation and maintenance Staal support is here to answer your questions. A support area with chat function is integrated in StaalCloud.

maxSHIFT60 - Cloud Level Radar

The maxSHIFT60 brings you a battery powered level sensor with the measurement accuray and relibility of radar.

  • Works in toughest conditions

    Measurements are not effected by moisture, pressure or temperature changes. Wide temperature range. Chemical resistant and dirt repellant.

  • High quality measurements

    60GHz free space radar. 5m range with 2mm accuracy and narrow beam angle. Auto-calibration and measures through all plastic tank walls. Also double walled.

  • Free of maintenance

    Works out of the box, no wires, stand-alone operation. 5 years of battery-life. Sensor health status monitoring and automatic firmware updates.

  • Smart operation

    Remote sensor configuration and radar measurement quality analysis. GNSS and cellular location services. Multiple alert levels and e-mail notification.

  • Liquid level control

    The latest liquid inventory updates at your fingertips. Make remote level monitoring part of your business proposition. Smooth business operations with data services ensure long-lasting customer-supplier relationships and can increase revenue per account.

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  • Optimize liquid logistics

    Stay informed and monitor all locations in real time. Check that the tanks are empty or that there is already enough capacity to plan a delivery. All radar sensors automatically report locations and tank volumes to the Staal Cloud.

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  • Always up to date!

    Stay informed from all your devices. StaalCloud is accessible from any device. The dynamic layout of the StaalCloud enables all employees to keep track of liquid inventories in the field and to respond proactively to alerts and customer needs.

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  • Highly accurate level data

    StaalCloud provides detailed graphs of all volume- and level measurements. The longterm history of all your gauging stations is safely stored and always within reach for (trend)analyzes.

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Radar on chip

Staal Instruments is a manufacturer of radar level sensors with its own patented mmWave radar-on-chip (RoC) technology. This radar chip enables highly accurate remote level monitoring for chemicals, liquids, oils, lubricants, fuels, water and wastewater.

Thanks to the energy-efficient radar chip, this level sensor works completely stand-alone on batteries. With Staal, we proudly serve a rapidly growing global customer base that demands user-friendly, reliable level measurements at a competitive price point.

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