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At the forefront of level monitoring solutions, we have been instrumental in transforming the way business monitor and manage their liquid inventory. With focus on wireless, non-contact radar level sensors and an advanced cloud platform, we provide business with accurate, reliable, and hassle-free solutions for their unique needs.

Staal Instruments Sensor and API

Sensor Only Solution

You want to integrate radar based level sensors? Already have your own digital environment?

No problem! With our sensor only solution you can connect proven radar level sensors to your own platform using StaalCloudAPI. 

Are you a solution provider looking for radar level sensors? Contact us !

Staal Instruments Sensor and StaalCloud

Integrated solution

Starting with remote level or inventory monitoring? Looking for a solution that works out of the box?

No problem! With our fully integrated solution of state-of-the-art radar sensors and proven StaalCloud platform you will be up and running in no time.

Contact us to start monitoring!

Staal Instruments Sensors and StaalCloud PRO

Platform only solution

Tired of using multiple platforms side by side? Looking for one platform solution for your entire operation?

No problem! The StaalCloudPRO solution supports customised interfaces to 3rd party sensors and ERP systems. 

Plan a short call with us to discuss your requirements for a customised  platform solution.


Our sensors are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of liquid levels and other critical parameters in a wide range of environments and applications. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our expertise in the specific needs of these industries, allows us to provide solutions that are not only effective but also cost-efficient. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support.

Staal Instruments chemical level monitoring


In the chemical sector safety is key. Radar measures through double-walled plastic tanks providing a safe measuring method.

 For remote monitoring of dosing operations. the powerful 60 GHz radar provides accurate measurements to monitor chemical usage.

In the chemical sector, our sensors are mainly applied on IBCs, Variboxes, drums and PE Tanks

Staal Instruments water level monitoring

Water and waste water

In the water sector reliability is key. The non-contacting radar sensor with robust enclosure delivers in any environment.

With integrated battery and antenna, the sensors operate completely stand alone, saving cost on installation and maintenance.

In the water sector, our sensors are mainly used for water treatment plants, wastewater management and surface water monitoring.

Staal Instruments remote tank level monitoring

Oil and lubricants

In this market efficiency is key. With the proven StaalCloud Platform, our customers are enabled to optimise their logistics.

The reliable radar sensors keep track on customers’ inventories all year round. Build your business on data you can trust.

With its 2-inch threaded connection, the sensor fits on all metal and plastic tanks Used for fuels, oils, lubricants and AsBlue.

Easy set up. Non-contact. 

Varibox level monitoring

The maxSHIFT60 Compact is the perfect solution for liquid inventory management for Varibox due to its 60GHz FMCW radar chip that aligns with Varibox's specific requirements.

Key features of the maxSHIFT60 Compact:
Accurate and reliable.
Measures through double walled plastic containers.
Easy installation thanks to dedicated bracket.

Start monitoring today!

Product range

Wireless Radar Level Sensor maxSHIFT60 - 2 inch thread

MaxSHIFT60 - 2 inch thread

2 inch thread • ideal for oil industry • ideal for heavy duty work • Extended life battery • external antenna • easy maintenance

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Wireless Radar Level Sensor maxSHIFT60 Compact

MaxSHIFT60 Compact

Ideal for chemical dosing or surface water monitoring • Measures through (double walled) plastics like IBC • easy installation

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Parts for wireless radar level sensor


Installation parts • batteries • sewer protection kits • adapters • housing • bracket for VARIbox • clamping ring

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Easy set up. Pay as you go. 


StaalCloud provides full control over all your tanks and sensors. Remote inventory monitoring has never been easier. Seamless integration between our sensors and cloud platform ensures a quick start and flawless operation. 

The most important features of StaalCloud:
Full sensor, tank & user management
Clear visualisation of inventories and usage
Easy to start and scale from 1 to 100+ sensors

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