We offer easy to use and radar based level monitoring solutions. We offer easy to use and radar based level monitoring solutions for chemicals, oils and (waste)water.
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Future Fuels Wholesale Blauwe Diesel radar niveausensor

Future Fuels Wholesale - Remote Monitoring


Future Fuels Wholesale, formerly Wiersma Olie en Techniek, is active as a fuel dealer in the Netherlands. They supply Blue Diesel EN950, its own specific fuel product line based on the best quality and the highest durability. As an importer of Neste MY renewable Diesel in the Netherlands, it enjoys a strong position in the market. A nationwide network of dealers and sub dealers makes it possible to supply the end user quickly and actively.

Reliable stock measurements are of great importance, both for the customer and for Future Fuels itself. Freddy, head of logistics, says:

“It is very important for us to have an accurate picture of the tanks at our customers at all times. In the past we used ultrasonic sensors. Particularly in the winter period, the reliability left something to be desired, but then, of course, the gritters must have diesel! For us, the choice for this new radar technology was therefore quickly made. Staal Instruments is also a Dutch company with its own radar and cloud platform, if there is something the lines are short and it is quickly resolved!"

“We have now switched almost 2 years ago, and have not regretted it for a moment. The radar technology works reliably and accurately in all seasons. Staal's platform is just as easy to use as the sensors themselves, it offers us every opportunity to manage logistics and planning even better. Drivers can now even see on the truck if there are still tanks to be filled somewhere! This helps me a lot in my work. We are a fast-growing company, everyone is busy, so you look for a sensor supplier you can rely on.”

Future Fuels mainly uses the maxSHIFT 60 wireless radar level sensor. This radar is extremely suitable for the oil market due to its 2 inch threaded connection. Fittings are offered for other tanks.

Are you looking for a total solution for stock management for your own company and/or at the customer's? Contact one of our sales engineers directly to make an appointment.

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