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Staal Instruments BV, hereinafter referred to as “STAAL”, supplies radar sensors that are connected to the online portal StaalCloud.com, hereinafter jointly referred to as “CLOUD PRODUCTS”. Staal provides a service level, hereinafter referred to as "SLA", based on the number of radar sensors in management. This document describes which SLA the User can expect from Staal after purchasing CLOUD PRODUCTS.


The SLA covers the following parts, hereinafter referred to as "Service Components":
  1. Cloud Availability: Up-time StaalCloud.com. Realized up-time on request.
  2. Onboard time: Support with the start-up of the use of the Cloud Products
  3. Support time: Number of hours that the support department can spend on support free of charge.
  4. Response Tech: Maximum time before your technical question is answered.
  5. Response RMA: Maximum time before your RMA (product return) request is processed.
    #Radar Sensors SLA level Cloud Availibility Onboard Time Support Time Response Tech  Response RMA


    best effort 30 min 2 hours 5 working days 10 working days
    20-99 Standard best effort 1 hour 4 hours 5 working days 10 working days
    100+ Premium best effort 2 hours 6 hours 5 working days 10 working days

    For the applicable SLA level, the current number of sensors managed by the User's account is considered. The current status of Onboard and Support time:

    Onboard and Support hours credit = time based on SLA level - / - time already used.

    Billed hours cannot be reclaimed if the SLA level changes.


    In order to provide the User with the best possible service, Staal also sets a number of requirements for the users in this SLA for the Service Components below:
    1. Onboarding: During the onboard session, the User provides a PC / laptop with a browser (preferably Chrome), an internet connection and access to the e-mail. Preferably, the User also has a radar sensor with supplied magnet at hand.
    2. Support time: The support department will register the time spent on support. When the User has passed the indicated support time, the extra time will be charged.
    3. Response time technical questions: Staal will handle technical questions regarding radar sensors if the information requirements are met, described in article "2.1 Report technical issue" under the tab "Instruction manual" on https://www.staalcloud.com/support.
    4. Response time RMA requests: Sample will process an RMA request if the User has added a completed RMA form to the radar sensor. This form can be found under the tab "Downloads & updates", "RMA form" at https://www.staalcloud.com/support