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Göteborgs Stad - sewer system monitoring network

Göteborgs Stad - sewer system monitoring network

Sweden's second largest city is growing faster than ever. As the city expands towards the river, new challenges arise. Sustainable solutions for water and wastewater are a hot topic in Gothenburg. The biggest challenge is the search for a sustainable way to regulate rainwater. This is done to minimize the risk of flooding.

Where previously it was sufficient to lay underground networks to drain rainwater, other solutions must now be sought. In the area it is important to closely monitor the sewer system.

The maxSHIFT60 wireless radar level sensor is used to provide the municipality with insight into current levels in the sewerage system. The powerful radar sensor solution makes it possible to perform measurements in sewers where this was previously not possible. Because the radar works standalone, no new infrastructure needs to be built and it easily sends its data to the municipality.

Glen Nivert, project manager at the water department of the municipality, explains why Staal Instruments is the right solution:

“We were looking for a system that is easy to install without having to build a whole new infrastructure. The wireless radar level sensor allows us to quickly and effectively roll out a measurement network. The supplied modern platform offers us real-time insights into our sewers."

Götenborg stad sewage level radar sensor
Göteborgs Stad sewer system and manhole cloud level radar sensor, maxSHIFT60.

Level monitoring in sewer systems flood warning cloud radar level sensor

Overflow monitoring inside sewer system Göteborgs Stad, maxSHIFT60 with external antenna.

Using a simple bracket, you can easily and quickly install the sensors at the desired location. Thanks to a powerful 2G and 4G network module, the sensors can also be easily installed under metal manhole covers in urban areas. For locations deeper underground, there is a solution with an external antenna that can be pulled up. Furthermore, the ASA housing of the sensor offers protection against gases such as H2S.

Are you curious about the costs and possibilities of a complete radar monitoring network? or do you want to test the measurement technology? Feel free to contact one of our sales engineers for an appointment.

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