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All prices quoted are exclusive of value added tax and other levies, taxes and duties.


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All prices quoted are exclusive of value added tax and other levies, taxes and duties.
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  • The maxSHIFT60 cloud level radar sensors enable the installation of a high-end radar level measurement system in a minute.

    Without the use of any power source or local network (LAN), these cloud level radar sensors operate everywhere you want. At your customers' site or in remote areas, and in any condition, you are always assured of reliable level measurements!

    Delivered with integrated global eSIM by Staal Instruments and already connected to Staal’s cloud platform, this cloud connected level sensor works out of the box.

  • The maxSHIFT60 with threaded 2 inch process connection is the perfect level sensor for all applications that require a threaded process connection.

    This housing with 2 inch process connection and 6 bolts is also recommended for all outdoor applications or when used in environments with a RH >95%. Please find below the applications and mounting options of our toughest housing.

    Application Environment Mounting
    Water tanks
    indoor / outdoor
    Tank transit, fasten with 2 inch nut
    Metal tanks indoor / outdoor 2 inch threaded connection
    Metal drums
    indoor / outdoor 2 inch threaded connection

  • Because this housing has more space than the Compact Housing, it is possible to put a D-cell battery pack inside. We call this the 'Extended Life' battery pack.

    Please make sure to choose the battery pack that fits your application. Our advice is to apply for the 'Extended Life' Battery pack if your application requires the following intervals:
    - Measurement interval < 2 hour
    - Transmission interval < 12 hour

    If this is not the case, a Long Life battery pack will do with an estimated life time of 5 years.

  • When your order a Cloud Level Radar, you will receive an invitation for onboarding session together with your order confirmation.

    Please reply to this invitation so our support department can plan teh onboarding session.

    In our SLA you can read what you can expect from Staal Instruments regarding the (digital) services and support.