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The unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum is gaining popularity

The unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum is gaining popularity

Staal Instruments  provides wireless radar level monitoring solutions based on 60GHz FMCW radar. The high bandwidth in this unlicensed spectrum, ranging from 57 to 64 GHZ, enables reliable and accurate level measurements in a huge variety of applications and industries. Because Staal instruments comply to the short range device directives for level probing radars, our devices won’t interfere with other users of the same 60GHz spectrum. 

Fierce Wireless noted that “A group of companies including Qualcomm, Facebook, Google, Intel and Samsung have formed a 60 GHz Coexistence Study Group because they’re concerned about drones and other radar devices being used in the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum.” “The companies are concerned about interference from various types of technologies in the band.” 

Where Facebook’s Terragraph and Qualcomm clearly are focussing on the next generation telecommunication we at Staal focus on leveraging the 60GHz spectrum for the next generation of industrial level measurements. Based on the fully integrated 60GHz radar ASIC of Staal Technologies, we can bring high quality level radars for ultrasound prices. 

Just as Qualcomm said to Fierce Wireless: “there is a lot of interest in the 60 GHz band lately from a variety of companies. And the parties who sent the letter to the FCC aren’t trying to prevent innovative uses of the spectrum. They just want the rules to be clearly spelled out”, we at Staal Instruments can only agree on this.