Product: Wireless Level Radar

order code: WLR05-2G/001

Product Features

Sensor Type / FMCW Radar, single chip

Radar Frequency / 60 GHz V-band (57GHz – 64GHz)

Application Types / fluids and solids: water, wastewater, chemicals, waste materials, food, feed, bulk solids, etc.

Measurement Range / 50 mm – 5000 mm

Accuracy / 2 mm

Beam Angle / 8° at -3dB (half power beamwidth)

Protection Class / IP 68

Connectivity / wireless, global coverage, 2-way (2G/GPRS)

Update frequency / 1 – 24 messages a day

Measurement intervals / adjustable from every 5min to every 24h

Logging storage / 10.000 measurements

Battery life-time / 1 – 10 years (depending on usage)

Radar made simple!

The WLR05-2G is the first truly wireless radar level transmitter to measure water levels and fill-levels remotely. With the latest 60Ghz radar-on-chip technology the WLR05-2G is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy,  reliability and versatility. This accessible radar technology immediately obsolete’s known technologies as ultrasonic level transmitters and hydrostatic loggers. It’s long battery-life, global connectivity and robust submersible housing makes this sensor ideal for use across different remote measurement applications where no infrastructure is available.

Wireless Level Radar

Based on Staal’s own radar technology Staal Instruments introduces the most accurate and cost efficient (fill-)level monitoring solution. With it’s long battery-life, applicable and profitable in almost every industry application.

Global Connectivity

Staal’s modular design enables the device to provide the most reliable connectivity solution available. Depending on the application and region Staal Instruments supports connection to global 2G (GSM) and 4G (LTE-M) networks.

Real-Time Insights

With it’s secure on-line cloud platform actionable information is provided to all stakeholders. Full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analyses, adaptive planning and reporting.

Industries and applications for the Wireless Level Radar

Our industry grade radar sensing solutions are enabling innovation and new business. Learn more about our solutions portfolio powered by our new wireless radar technology