Industry: Water & Wastewater

Water management is built on reliable measurements

Growing city populations, climate change, extreme weather conditions, precision agriculture, dense infrastructures and preserving natural eco-systems. These are some of the challenges water managers are facing. To satisfy all stakeholders, water- and wastewater management is like walking on a tight rope.

As a water manager to fulfil these tasks and meet the current expectations, reliable measurements are key:

To enhance water system knowledge even further;

calibrate data models on a higher resolution;

conform to legislation & cooperation goals;

and support decision making in operational management.

Staal Instruments enables high resolution and dense water quantity measurement networks to really get a grip on the water system. With these wireless battery powered radar sensors, water managers are able to expand their measuring networks in the blink of an eye and get measurements from remote places or places difficult to reach.

Radar products and solutions for the water & wastewater industry

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