31971714 - water level indicator dam


Application Types / surface water, wastewater, groundwater

Connectivity / Wireless, global coverage

Update intervals / 1 – 24 messages a day

Measurement Frequency / 1 – 96 measurements a day

Logging storage / 10.000 measurements

Sensor Type / Wireless Level Radar WLR05-2G/001

Battery life-time / 1 – 10  years (depending on measurement frequency)

Infrastructure needed / no

Data Platform / responsive webased interface

3rd Party Platform connections / DelftFEWS, Lizard, your platform?


Based on the wireless radar technology SenZ2 provides a complete solution for remote, real-time monitoring and logging of water levels. For the water sector real-time insights in water levels is key. Accurate level-measurement data can result in improved policy, reduction of risks and direct cost savings. The Wireless Level Radar (WLR05-2G/001) can monitor waste water and overflow, surface water and groundwater in remote places without any power source. With radar as the most reliable and cost-effective level measurement technology, there is no reason to accept a lack of insights in water levels.



Wireless Level Radar

Based on Staal’s own 60GHz radar technology Staal Instruments introduces the most accurate and cost efficient water level monitoring solution. With it’s long battery-life, applicable and profitable in almost every industry application.

Global Connectivity

Staal’s modular design enables the device to provide the most reliable connectivity solution available. Depending on the application and region Staal Instruments supports connection to 2G/GPRS, NB-IoT and LTE-M Cat1 networks.

Real-Time Insights

With it’s secure on-line cloud platform actionable information is provided to all stakeholders. Full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analyses, adaptive planning and reporting.

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