Staal Cloud

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With it’s secure on-line cloud platform actionable information is provided to all stakeholders. Full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analyses, adaptive planning and reporting.

Product specifications

Solution Types: WaterMonitoring, InventoryMonitoring, WasteMonitoring.

Sensor Types: Staal Instruments wireless radar sensors (WLR-series).

Connectivity: 2G & 4G roaming across tier-one networks.

Regions: Worldwide coverage, Sensor Data Service fees may vary depending on specified region and data usage.  

StaalPortal: 5 user accounts included, access to all functionalities.

General Functions : Add own assets and dimensions, tagging & grouping, visualisation, alerting, sensor status, data export.

InventoryMonitor Functions: Daily and weekly usage reporting, Linearisation function, LED feedback configuration (fill-level indicator).

WaterMonitor Functions: Reference level offset function, raw measurements download and export, overflow calculation function.

WasteMonitor Functions: Grouping of Assets, Fill level percentage, predictive fill level, ideal collection-date, ideal collection list.

Radar products and solutions for the water & wastewater industry

Our industry grade radar sensing solutions are enabling innovation and new business. Learn more about our portfolio for the recycling sector.