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All our Cloud Level Radars run on batteries and are wirelessly connected to StaalCloud.com. You need access to StaalCloud.com to operate and configure our cloud sensors.

With its secure online platform, StaalCloud delivers actionable information at the right level to all stakeholders in your operational process, from planners to buyers, sellers and drivers. StaalCloud offers full control over business processes with real-time alerts, trend analysis, adaptive planning and reporting.

Pre-paid credit system

You do not need to take out long-term subscriptions to use the StaalCloud, you simply purchase a pre-paid credit bundle. The monthly consumption of all your sensors is deducted from your credit balance automatically and fully transparent. To start using the StaalCloud, acquire your Cloud Level Radar, once your account has been set up you can purchase your first credit bundle in the online portal (Account settings). 

Online Support

For all new customers we offer an online onboarding session with which you and your colleagues can start the rollout of a complete remote level monitoring system within 1 hour. Please read more of what Service Level you can expect from us in our SLA.



Functionalities of StaalCloud

  • Liquid logistics optimisation: stay informed and monitor all locations in real time. Check that the tanks are empty or that there is already enough capacity to fill them. All radar sensors automatically report locations and tank volumes to the Staal Cloud.
  • Stay informed from all your devices: StaalCloud is accessible from any device. The dynamic layout of the StaalCloud enables all employees to keep track of stocks in the field and to respond proactively to alerts and customer needs.
  • Highly accurate level measurements: StaalCloud provides detailed graphs of all volume and level measurements. The long-term history of all your tanks is safely stored and always within reach for (trend) analyses.
    • Customer loyalty: Make remote monitoring part of your liquid delivery proposition. Smooth business operations with data services ensure long-lasting customer-supplier relationships and can increase revenue per account.