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Fine dosing for water treatment in livestock sector

Fine dosing for water treatment in livestock sector


Our customer GENCO WATER LTD provides a total water treatment solutions for poultry farms. They provide chemicals in drums as well as the dosing pump installations. To monitor the drum levels and the actual pump outputs, they apply the wireless level radar. 

Genco Staal Instruments cloud level radarSource:

Easy installation of wireless sensors

The wireless level radar sensors can be installed on top of every PE drum in seconds. They operate completely stand-alone. After a drum change the sensor is placed on the new drum. The software recognizes the drum change. The integrated battery pack ensures a maintenance free operation of 5 years.  

Location based monitoring

The user portal is web-based and works on every device. In the online portal the user is able to assign every sensor to a dosing installation. The location of every installation can be set manually by the user or set automatically through the built in GPS receiver.

Pump output + drum levels

With mm-accuracy the wireless level radar is able to measure every liter that is pumped out of the drum. Based on these outputs, the pump performance can be monitored remotely. Multiple alerts can be set on drum fill-levels triggering the re-ordering process or pump check-up to ensure a flawless dosing operation.


With the wireless radar solution, this water treatment service provider is now able to assure a flawless chemical dosing operation to it’s customers.
 GENCO WATER LTD uses Staal Instruments Cloud Level Radar