World Water Day!

February 14, 2020 - 08:30

World water day is an international day as sign of water. In 1992 a resolution was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations to proclaim the 22nd of March as World Water Day!

On this day they want to let people think about the water in the world and about the water challenges. Events are organized just to create awareness for water so that people think twice before spilling valuable water.

In The Netherlands World Water Day is celebrated actively since 2009. This year 100 volunteers are going to clean up a whole river in The Netherlands.

In 2015 this became the biggest one day clean up ever. In that year the volunteers cleaned up 140 km of river. The river started in Werkendam and ended in Muiderslot. In 2019 volunteers cleaned up 45 km of river.

The aim of the World Water Day campaign is to promote knowledge sharing at regional level and to increase public awareness about the various elements of water-related disasters. It is also intended to inspire worldwide political and community action to prevent and reduce water-related disasters so that lives and property can be saved. In addition, the actions organized from the world Water Day must contribute to the millennium Development Goals to reducing poverty and building a sustainable fututure.

With Staal Instruments wireless radar sensors it is easy and cost efficient to measure water levels accurately in any river. Check out an example of our measurements through the year in the IJssel river, in the east of The Netherlands. The water level is approaching 10m+ NAP (above sea level). Contact us if you want to know more about installation of wireless operated, non contacting level radar sensors for rivers or water ways. 


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